What is Link Popularity & Page Rank?

Link Popularity means the number of links coming to your web site from other web sites. Good number of links from other sites would serve as an excellent source of regular & targeted traffic to your web sites.

The higher the number links coming to your site more popular would be your web site. Most of the search engines are now a days considering the Link Popularity as their relevancy parameter. So whenever someone hits a search query on any search engine for a keyword the search engine would search its database & would display relevant sites to the user. If you have a high popularity for your niche & other good web sites from your niche are linking to your site this would be considered as a relevant object by the search engines.

This would help you to get natural or organic traffic from search engines. This traffic is always free & highly targeted hence most converting. If your web site has a good number of links coming in from other good & relevant web sites this would help you to improve the search engine rankings of the site. There is no hard & fast rule for achieving link popularity but good quality & highly focused contents is the key to link popularity. Why good sites would link to your site unless they found your contents useful to their users?

Most of the search engines use algorithmic database to include link popularity as a factor for deciding relevancy of search results. Google in fact actually assigns a numerical value to the web site that denotes the link popularity. This number is called as Google Page Rank. Higher the popularity higher would be your Google page rank. The number of links & page rank are closely connected. As per some Search Engine Experts generally webmasters are bound to link to good sources of information relevant for their site & generally no one would like to link to bad or low quality contents. Also it is not possible to abuse the Link Popularity as the webmasters need to have control of numerous sites spread over the net on various servers which is practically not possible.

So number of links truly represents the relevancy as well as popularity of your web site.

Link Popularity is a major aspect which one should consider in Search Engine Optimization. A good SEO service provider would also provide a good Link building campaign as part of SEO services.

Relevancy is the most important aspect in any Popularity of Link Campaign. Some people use reciprocal link exchange to increase the Link Popularity & hence the page ranks. But the main point that you should remember is that only number of links doesn’t decide the link popularity but relevancy also needs to be considered.

The search engine would offer higher rankings to the site having less number of links but from highly relevant sites than the site having more reciprocal links from non related sites.

Quality of the links coming can be defined with the relevancy of the contents as well as the popularity of the sites that are linking to your site.

Before one starts working on building popularity based on links it is necessary to first understand the current statistics about your web site. You should know how many sites are linking to your site, which are those sites, what is their popularity & authority in their niche etc.

For webmasters not so much conversant with Search Engine Optimization techniques my advice would be to concentrate on writing good quality contents & having the website highly focused around the main topic of your website. Buying some quality links from good sites in your niche would also help to increase your page rank. You can submit your site to major Directories & that would get you some quality links from them.

To conclude we can say that high link popularity is a must for achieving high Search Engine Rankings. It requires good quality contents to attract links from other sites & content development is a continuous activity rather I would say good content is an attitude which you need to develop over a period of time. Again I would like to say that “Content is t

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