Do it Yourself SEO – Building Link Popularity Using Profiles on Web 2.0 Properties

Link popularity is one of the major tools to make your web site more known and to increase your web site traffic. There are many ways to increase your link popularity. One of the methods that can be used for link building is to create profiles on web 2.0 properties and social media sites and leave a link back to your site there with your keywords as the anchor text.

To build link popularity in this method first you have to create a profile that well describes about your web site or your company in a community. Make sure that you will get a static address for your web site. It is better to have a static address for your web site in order to secure good link popularity. It is better to keep in mind that whether it is possible to you to create your brand within the address itself.

Be sure that whether the community in which you are creating your profile will give you “dofollow” links. With the “dofollow” links you are able to create back links which will point to your home page and deliver link juice. This increases your link popularity. If the community satisfies these you can create your profile in that community and can build up link popularity. After creating your profile in the community, you have to declare your business name.

Be sure to brand your business name (i.e.) it is better to use your company name within your account when you create your profile in the community. When you create any feed or any blog you have to put your company name in it. And you have to describe about your business in your profile. For this you can use the hobbies or description columns in your profile. This is a wonderful choice to increase your business popularity.

Now, you have to find the people of similar interests. So that you can build relationship with them by which you can make your business popular. You can exchange each others links. By doing this, you are able to share links with them and as a result you are indirectly generating a good traffic to your web site and as well as you are building up the popularity of your links. You can discuss with them and you can share both of your ideas so that you can use them in your blog or profile in order to receive a lot of traffic to your web site.

And one of the good methods to build your link popularity is to make your co-workers and your friends to refer your web site and to make their friends also to refer your web site. This makes your web site to receive a lot of viewers which builds up your link popularity. You can develop your business with this easy link building technology.

Building up link popularity by creating profiles in a community is a good way for link building services [] and also it is not very expensive since profiles can be created freely. Y

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